Aerogarden: Week 2

By grace.g.yang ยท August 5, 2009
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It’s been a full week since I plugged in my Aerogarden and I’m VERY excited to write about the progress of my herbs. The pictures below were taken on Saturday (August 1st) but since then, I’ve seen little sprouts from almost all of them (the only one that doesn’t have any growth is the dill, which is fine by me because I don’t like dill anyway). The first herb to sprout was the basil:


I took off the plastic cover (you’re supposed to take it off when the light isn’t on so it doesn’t shock the plant) and the basil seems to really be growing now. I hope it does better than the basil I purchased at the farmer’s market (I haven’t been able to use the basil I purchased at the farmer’s market because it’s still too small!)

The second herb to sprout was the thyme:


It sprouted a little ahead of schedule! The other herbs (chives and mint) are starting to sprout a little, but neither of them have peaked out of the pod yet. The light is still super bright (I almost don’t need to turn on the kitchen light when I’m in there because the light is so bright). I’m interested to see how much my electricity bill is (that should be coming soon). My aerogarden:


I have been checking the water level on a daily basis (just for fun because I seem to find fun in very boring things) and it doesn’t seem like the herbs need a lot of water because the level is still pretty close to where it was last week. I’ve read that other plants (like the lettuce pack) requires a refill practically everyday. So far, the only work I’ve done is admire the herbs…we’ll see how much I have to do once I have to start pruning my plants!

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