Last weekend, a friend I met in Las Vegas invited me to brunch to thank me for some introductions I made earlier in the week. I was excited to try Marta, Danny Meyer’s brand new restaurant in the Martha Washington Hotel, and suggested we meet there for early morning pizza. The hotel looks like it […]


Since I picked iced coffees for the first stop of “you pick, I pick”, Ken had to figure out where to go next on our Saturday adventure around the city. We ended up going to Bareburger for a quick afternoon snack. Neither of us were super hungry but wanted a small bite to eat – […]

Toby’s Estate

Over the weekend, it was so beautiful outside that Ken and I decided to enjoy the entire day outdoors. We started by playing our new favorite game, “you pick, I pick”, where we switch off picking what to do next. Since he suggested the game, I started with my first pick of the day – […]

ABC Cocina

Yuko, Nick and I needed to catch up after not seeing each other in a while so I suggested getting brunch at ABC Cocina. ABC Cocina is decorated beautifully because it’s part of ABC Home and their food is also pretty awesome because Jean Georges is their chef! We started off with cocktails – this […]

Weekend Diet

On Friday, Ken and I had a pretty laid back night because we were both tired from our long week of work. We decided to do a no fuss dinner and ended up ordering sushi from Nomado 33, one of our favorite take out places these days. We ordered an eel and avocado roll, spicy […]

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