Charlie Bird

Earlier this year, I took a break from blogging because I was going to the same restaurants and didn’t want to blog about them. We were trying some new restaurants but I was disappointed by the places we were visiting. And then I went to Charlie Bird NYC and now I can’t stop thinking about […]

How to Make Organic Avenue’s Probiotic Coconut Yogurt

After becoming so obsessed with Organic Avenue’s probiotic coconut yogurt, I decided I should try making it myself. Organic Avenue isn’t that close to my office or my apartment, so it was becoming increasingly inconvenient to make a trip to Organic Avenue to pick up the probiotic yogurt. I tried looking up some recipes online […]

per se

For Valentine’s day, Ken surprised me with tickets to Book of Mormon and then a dinner at per se. When we first met, Ken asked me about restaurants and I told him my favorite restaurant in New York was per se. He said he wanted to take me there for our first date (big talker, […]

Tu-lu’s Bakery

For Valentine’s day, we had a mini celebration in our office. In the past, we’ve done some fun celebrations; ice cream socials with It’s It’s from San Francisco, bourbon tastings, and cupcakes and champagne celebrations. For this celebration, we ordered cupcakes and purchased a bunch of candy for everyone to share. Since one of our […]

Grand Sichuan and Xi’an Famous Foods

Have you ever wanted to eat at multiple restaurants for a single meal? Recently, I’ve been wanting to visit *at least* two restaurants per meal and have been lucky enough to eat with people that put up with my crazy cravings. On Saturday, Ken asked me what I was in the mood to eat for […]

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