The National Arts Club

I’ve biked past The National Arts Club many times but have never thought about dining there (in fact, I wasn’t even sure the club served food). Luckily, one of my mom’s friends invited me for lunch last week: The club overlooks Gramercy park and is a large house that was renovated into an arts club […]


Last Wednesday, the weather was absolutely terrible (rain and hail all day!) and I had a pretty miserable fall on my way to a pilates class after work. I wasn’t feeling that great but Ken called me at work and asked if I wanted to have dinner at Gilt. I asked him if it was […]

Dinner at Home

It’s no secret that my mom is an absolutely amazing cook. She’s known to singlehandedly create elaborate feasts that feed over 50 people (that’s why my favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas because we always have people over for both holidays!) My mom recently came to visit and met a new friend in Chinatown; they […]

Gramercy Tavern

For a recent team lunch, our boss sent a cryptic invite – we knew it was going to be six minutes away (although we weren’t told if it was by cab or by foot), we should dress up, and that the restaurant had received five Grace faces. I thought it could be Gramercy Tavern and […]

Brookwood Farms BBQ

On our flight from St. Martin to Charlotte, Ken and I read an article about the ten best airports for food. Charlotte had a restaurant, Brookwood Farms BBQ, so we decided to get dinner there during our layover. After we got out of customs, I headed to Brookwood Farms’ line while Ken went to the […]

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