Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal

The other day, I walked by my coworkers desk and saw a Bell Jar on her desk filled with salad (but the greens were on top). She explained the newest craze on Pinterest, which is making your entire week’s salad (or breakfast) on Sunday and storing it in the fridge. It’s so easy – if […]

La Estacion

Another restaurant we wanted to try while in Puerto Rico was La Estacion. Everyone wrote really glowing reviews about the restaurant and the owners are originally from New York (or at least lived here for a long time) and decided to move to Puerto Rico to open up the restaurant. The restaurant is very close […]

Stingray Cafe

Before we left for Puerto Rico, I read review after review that knocked the resort’s food. I was really hesitant to dine at any restaurant inside the El Conquistador Resort but on Saturday night, we were too tired to go out for dinner. Actually, I ended up taking a nap around 8pm and then woke […]

Pasion por el Fogon

On Friday night after our round of golf, Ken and I decided to venture off the resort for dinner. I read a bunch of reviews before we left and they said the number one restaurant in Fajardo was Pasion por el Fogon. We asked the concierge to make a reservation for us and took the […]

Puerto Rico!

Last Thursday, Ken and I were talking about how stressed out we were this summer; wedding planning, work, and the general stress of city life were starting to take their toll on us. We spoke about it on the phone in the morning and by noon, Ken had booked us first class tickets to Puerto […]

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