Farmhouse Inn

While we were in Sonoma for John and Erin’s wedding, Ken’s client and his wife were also in Sonoma enjoying a long weekend. Owen and Jessica met up with us at Farmhouse Inn for dinner on Saturday night in the Russian Valley (we were both staying in the Sonoma-area). I made the reservation while we […]

Viansa Winery

After Repris, we headed back to the house (a very quick drive along some back roads) and relaxed for a bit before the wedding. We got ready and took some photos – it felt like we were getting ready for the prom because we were taking photos in the backyard of the house, just like […]

Repris Winery

After Gundlach Bundschu, we headed to Lagunitas Brewery for a barbecue lunch and beer tasting. They have a nice outdoor area and lots of people brought their kids and dogs while enjoying the beautiful afternoon. After Lagunitas, we went to the final winery, Sebastiani Winery, where we did our final tasting for the day. We […]

Birthday Brunch!

For Ken’s birthday this year, we decided to host a brunch in our apartment. We recently purchased some home items (including a dining table and dining room chairs) and thought it was time to finally have people over to the apartment. Ken and I thought about the menu and weren’t sure what to make so […]

Gundlach Bundschu Winery

After our fun grape stomp at Larson Family Winery, we went to the grocery store to stock up for the weekend. We rented a house in Sonoma and it ended up being awesome – very centrally located, nicely sized rooms, and a great for hosting the wedding afterparty. We did a big group dinner on […]

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