Wax Apples and Custard Apples

On our way back from Kenting to Kaohsiung, we stopped by a fruit stand on the side of the highway because I really wanted to pick up some fruit. I love all fruit but REALLY love fruit from Taiwan. This fruit stand was selling only two types of fruit: wax apples and custard apples. Custard […]

Kenting Seafood Restaurant

While I don’t have the translation for the restaurant we went to in Kenting, I do have the website, which you can view (in Chinese) here. My cousin drives to Kenting once in a while because he loves fresh seafood and brought us to one of his favorites. The restaurants are all closed during the […]

Kenting National Park

After spending a few days in Taichung, we boarded the high speed train and headed down to the southern part of the island. My cousin lives in Kaohsiung and wanted to show us around since I hadn’t been there since I was a kid and Ken didn’t remember ever visiting. The drive from Kaohsiung to […]

Lukang Eats

On our final day in Taichung, we had a private tour around Lukang, one of Taiwan’s oldest towns. My dad scheduled the tour for us and the driver picked us up early in the morning to drive over to Lukang. The area has some touristy spots so tour groups can walk around the area while […]

Wein Restaurant and Lounge

Since my cousin lives in Taichung, my dad scheduled a dinner for us so we could meet up. My cousin, Eric, suggested Wein Restaurant and Lounge because it’s one of the more special restaurants in the area and they have a set menu that’s easy to order from. The restaurant is known for Peking duck […]

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