Japanese Kit Kats

Stephane, being the wonderful friend that he is, brought me back kit kats from his recent trip to Japan! Last month he went to Paris and brought me back chocolates, biscuits, and stroopenwafel. This time, he brought me back a huge assortment of kit kats: Ken and I wanted to open all of the kit […]

Joe Jr Restaurant

In an effort to try more restaurants in our neighborhood, Ken and I have been going to local diners for breakfast or dessert. We tried Joe Jr Restaurant on 3rd Avenue and were surprised with their delicious breakfast foods. The diner is really old school and the counters look like they are from the 1970’s […]

Wahoo’s Fish Taco

Ken and I were excitedly waiting for the opening of Wahoo’s, a fish taco place really close to our apartment. It finally opened last Monday, on President’s Day, so we were able to go there for their official opening dinner. The signage has been up for quite some time: I heard about the chain from […]

The Odeon

Over the weekend, I went to The Odeon with some friends for a fun brunch after a really intense workout (I’ll write all about my workouts tomorrow!) When I lived downtown, I walked by The Odeon all of the time but never went inside for a meal. It’s right across the street from Bouley and […]

Hotel Griffou

A few weekends ago, David and Laura were working out in their neighborhood and asked me to have dinner with them. I originally suggested Lotus of Siam but they decided we should go to Hotel Griffou instead. I heard their drinks were good but their food wasn’t that great so I was a little hesitant […]

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