Prune is one of those places you want to go to because you’ve read about in magazines, you’ve heard your friends rave about the food there, and when you actually make it there, you realize it HAS to be good because the host declares it’s going to be a two hour wait and there are […]

Fatty Crab

After making reservations at The Waverly Inn for our Friday night dinner, I realized that the menu at The Waverly is pretty limited and the food wasn’t THAT great there. We decided to skip out on our Waverly reservations and opted for a meal at Fatty Crab instead. On my walks/runs around the west village, […]

The Dosa Man

If you’re ever in Washington Square Park and you feel your stomach rumbling because you don’t feed it enough, you’re in luck! There’s a great cart that serves fresh dosa’s – every Monday through Saturday, a guy pushes a cart with fresh ingredients to Washington Square Park to prepare dosa’s for the NYU kids and […]

The Pizza Box

On our recent Labor Day vacation to California, Chris took me to his favorite pizza restaurant by his house: the Pizza Box in Milpitas. The place is in a strip mall (apparently strip malls are all the rage in Northern California) and it’s slightly run down (and by slightly, I mean it looks like we […]

The Little Owl

After hearing great reviews about the Little Owl, a small restaurant in the West Village that sits below the apartment used in Friends, Chris and I decided to check it out. Does this place look familiar?: I read that you can have the perfect meal at The Little Owl; the host is attentive and gracious, […]

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