GracenotesNYC in Page Six Magazine

On Sunday, Page Six Magazine published a review I wrote for them about Congee Village. Below is the screen shot I captured of the review that’s posted on their website (in case you don’t get the NYPost delivered every Sunday): It was a great opportunity to work with Page Six Magazine and I hope they […]

Dogmatic Opening in Union Square!

Remember this cart? It’s Dogmatic, the freaking tastiest hot dog in New York. It was pretty sad this summer because the cart was never at Bleecker Street Park, but I spoke with Jeremy Spector today and he let me know that Dogmatic is opening in TWO WEEKS (possibly three). They’re opening a store in Union […]

Places to eat in Montauk: Wok N’ Roll

In my previous post, I mentioned how we went fishing and caught a bunch of flounder. We didn’t stay in a hotel with a grill (although that would’ve been pretty cool if we found more people to come with us) so we weren’t sure what to do with our fish, especially since we didn’t have […]

Things to do in Montauk: Fishing!

Over Labor Day weekend, Chris and I headed to Montauk to have a relaxing and fun vacation (the last of the summer!) We left Manhattan after work and drove to our hotel in Montauk without much traffic. We got in around 10PM and immediately got ready for bed because we had to wake up at […]

The Duchess

Last night, I attended the screening for The Duchess, a movie that hits select theaters this Friday (the wide release is slated for October): The story revolves around The Duchess of Devonshire, Georgiana Spencer, known as the “It girl” of London (played by Keira Knightley). The costumes were absolutely fantastic; if Keira Knightley movies aren’t […]

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