Graeter’s Ice Cream

When I received an email from Graeter’s Ice Cream, I was wondering why they were mailing me since you can’t get their ice cream in New York. Well, GOOD NEWS: the email was to tell me that they now SELL the AMAZING ICE CREAM in New York supermarkets! Specifically, D’agastino’s’ all over the New York […]

Bethpage Black

For Ken’s 30th birthday, I wanted to plan a really special event but Ken shied away from a big party. Instead, his friend suggested making a reservation at one of the golf courses in New York where they play the US Open, the Black course at Bethpage. I looked online to make the reservation but […]

The Breslin’s Suckling Pig Dinner

Two weekends ago, Ken and I went to The Breslin in the Ace Hotel for their suckling pig dinner. At the time, I was on this REALLY crazy diet so I abstained from eating anything at the dinner, which was an extremely fun test of self control. We were celebrating our friend’s birthday (Happy birthday, […]

The Flower District

Last weekend, I had a little bout of insomnia and ended up officially getting up at 4AM on Saturday morning. Since I was up so early, I thought the best thing for me to do was catch up on television (there are too many good shows this season, including: The New Normal, The Mindy Project, […]


Two weeks ago, Ken and I met up right after work and went to Korea town for dinner. I wanted to try something new (still mourning the loss of my favorite place, BCD Tofu House) so we opted to try Arirang. Arirang is known for their handmade noodles and soups – New York was really […]

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