I always recommend Fish to friends because I really do think they have the best deal on lobsters and oysters in the city. You get a lobster, two sides, and 5 steamers for $19 and then you can add a second lobster for $14. For oysters, it’s half a dozen oysters + a PBR or […]

Rosario Pizza

On Saturday, after my dinner with Hana at Peels, Ken and I met up to head to my second dinner at The Meatball Shop. The wait for a table was about two hours (which was fine with me since I was still kind of full from Peels) but Ken hadn’t eaten so we decided to […]

Olive Garden

Last week, 12 of us from work went to Olive Garden for lunch. It started off as someone wanting breadsticks and we kidded around about it, saying it would be really funny if we went to Olive Garden for lunch, but our jokes turned into reality when I got a meeting invite from one of […]

Terakawa Ramen

The day after Hurricane Irene, Ken and I walked around our neighborhood to see what restaurants were open. We found a couple and decided we wanted more comfort food so we walked into Terakawa Ramen for a quick bite to eat. Ken ordered the terakawa ramen – pork bone based noodle soup & bamboo shoot, […]

Friend of a Farmer

Ken and I went to Friend of a Farmer the day Hurricane Irene was supposed to hit Manhattan. We went to the gym in the morning because it was closing early and then headed to Friend of a Farmer to grab a bite to eat. Originally, we wanted to just get coffee at the shop […]

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