Xin Nian Kuai Le!

…or in English, Happy (Chinese) New Year! Over the weekend, a couple of friends came over to celebrate the year of the ox. We decided to do a hot pot, which is easy to prepare, great for groups, and an overall really fun experience. To prepare, Audrey bought some ingredients for us in Chinatown and […]

Last Chance Harvey

On Wednesday, my mom and I attended the Last Chance Harvey screening. Here is her review: Last Chance Harvey is a sweet and tender romantic comedy movie about Kate and Harvey, two middle-aged strangers who were able to connect with each other and find love. Harvey (Dustin Hoffman), a socially awkward jingle composer based in […]

Pinkberry’s 4th Anniversary Coupon

If you’re in the mood for Pinkberry, here’s a printable coupon for a free small frozen yogurt (with the purchase of another small frozen yogurt): I know the weather isn’t perfect for frozen yogurt, but maybe this will get you to your local Pinkberry. Also, I noticed that some Pinkberry’s around Manhattan have a deal […]

Best Places to Jump in Paris

In the middle of December, I packed my bags and headed to Europe for a well deserved vacation with my family. We’ve been to Paris in the past (I think a total of three times before this trip) so my list of places to jump/visit may not be comprehensive for first time visitors (although if […]