Spot Dessert Bar

On Saturday, Ken and I went to dinner in Koreatown with his sister, Flo, and her family. After dinner, we went to Spot Dessert Bar to get something sweet. Ken ordered the chocolate molten cake with matcha filling and matcha ice cream: Charley ordered red velvet cheesecake, Paul ordered bubble tea and we also ordered […]

Protein Shakes, AKT IN MOTION and MAN CAMP!

Ken and I have been working out a lot in preparation for our wedding (only 70-some days away!) After our workouts, we make really great protein shakes that are really healthy using my new favorite type of protein: pea protein. Here’s one of the shakes we make: Ingredients are super easy to find: unflavored pea […] was kind enough to send me a box of healthy product samples: I absolutely love this idea – similar to, sends users a box of different product samples every month – focuses on healthy foods that are new and interesting. Ken and I enjoyed eating these different samples (there were so […]

The city shows bright and sunny most of the times while the

Perhaps that is because religions are inherently institutions of control. They control what we believe, the ways we behave, and, ultimately, who is valued. This structure of control then extends beyond the larger religious community and into the home where, tragically, women and children are placed at the bottom of those value systems, making them […]

Chobani Soho

After one of my Saturday AKTinMotion workouts, I walked to the Chobani Soho store to get a post-workout snack. The store was originally supposed to be a pop-up shop but has been so popular that I think they continue to extend their lease! The store has a few chairs and tables so you can actually […]

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