Beaver Creek, Colorado

Back in February, Ken and I went on our yearly ski trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado. We had a slow start (with my luggage not arriving with us!) and I ended up having to buy a new ski jacket at the gift shop in our hotel. Luckily, my luggage arrived before the end of the […]

Green Fusion/Village Yogurt

I absolutely LOVE acai bowls and it’s definitely a treat that I will allow myself every once in a while since it’s basically like eating dessert (up to 50 grams of sugar per serving!) I was looking for a new acai bowl location (my usuals are from Juice Generation or homemade with bananas and homemade […]

Fitbit Force

For Christmas this year, Ken got me the best present ever – a Fitbit Force: Right after I got the watch/bracelet/fitness tracker, I got sick and watched my step count go from 5,000 to approximately 2,000 per day. That was me going from my bedroom to the kitchen (also walking up and down stairs), from […]

Protein Shakes, AKT IN MOTION and MAN CAMP!

Ken and I have been working out a lot in preparation for our wedding (only 70-some days away!) After our workouts, we make really great protein shakes that are really healthy using my new favorite type of protein: pea protein. Here’s one of the shakes we make: Ingredients are super easy to find: unflavored pea […]