Dim Sum Go Go

Before Andrew, Hsiao-Mei and Parker moved, we went to one last dim sum together at Dim Sum Go Go. They are one of the only places in Chinatown that has a decent dim sum and accepts reservations (however, their booster seats are mostly broken so Fab and Parker had to sit on laps instead of […]

Dirt Candy

It’s April and I’m finally back! The winter was pretty busy (with weekly visits to my nephew) so I didn’t have a ton of free time during the weekend’s to post. Luckily I uploaded a bunch of photos over the weekend and will be posting more often (hopefully). I took my mom to Dirt Candy, […]

Hong Kong Lounge II

On Christmas eve, we headed to dim sum as a family before Flo, Paul and their kids headed back to Chicago to celebrate Christmas at home. We went to Hong Kong Lounge II in the Laurel Heights area because it was on the way to SFO (and open on Christmas Eve). They don’t push carts […]

Holiday Party

We had our post-Thanksgiving holiday party at our apartment and had such a fun time that we didn’t want the night to end! Here are some photos of the night! We use our wedding china for daily use, but added the wedding crystal and used it for the first time (they were still all in […]

The Bao

One of our favorite restaurants is The Bao, a xiao-long-bao (known in English as soup dumplings, sometimes abbreviated as XLB) restaurant in the east village. My cousin’s wife initially found it from yelp reviews and Ken and I usually don’t eat on St. Mark’s unless it’s for dessert, but we gave it a try and […]

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