Top Five Restaurants in Murray Hill

Ken and I have been trying to eat out in our neighborhood before we leave at the end of the month – I never realized there were so many great restaurants in the area until we started on our little tour of the area! We’re leaving on August 1st so this list might change by […]

Nomado 33

On Saturday night, Ken and I met up with our friends Hughie and Hana for dinner at Nomado 33. Ken and I like ordering take out from the restaurant and didn’t realize it was right around the corner from our apartment (I guess that’s what happens when we are too dependent on SeamlessWeb!) Hana said […]

Coffee Shop

On Saturday, Ken and I walked to union square to have brunch at the Coffee Shop before watching Transformers 3. We’ve been there before (separately) for drinks and fries but I’ve never actually eaten brunch at the diner. We sat inside since Ken was recovering from his recent trip to the ER and has been […]

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Two years ago, I hosted a very thorough examination of all the cupcake bakeries in New York (see Cupcake Cagematch, Best Cupcakes in New York, and Best Bakeries in NYC to get you started). Williams-Sonoma donated four mixes of Sprinkles cupcake mix but the results were pretty sub-par; I had never visited the actual Sprinkles […]