Cook Out North Carolina

David and I landed in North Carolina on Saturday afternoon and the first thing on my mind was Cook Out. Cook Out has the absolute best pulled pork sandwich I’ve ever had (trust me, I’ve had quite a few) and the “restaurant” is conveniently located close to my house, so every time I come home, […]

Brining a Thanksgiving Turkey

I actually got the idea to brine the Thanksgiving turkey from Alton Brown – I was up late at night watching the Food Network and Alton came on explaining why brining a turkey is better because you don’t open and close the oven constantly AND the overnight brining makes a big difference in flavor. I […]

Cornbread Stuffing

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday of the year because we always have a big party in North Carolina. One of my favorite sides happens to be stuffing – not the stuff you make from a box like Stove Top, but the kind where you can taste big chunks of freshly made cornbread. I decided […]

Green Bean Casserole

Every year at Thanksgiving, my mom prepares a TON of good food (15 dishes, at least) but green bean casserole is definitely not on that list. Sauteed green beans with garlic might make an appearance once in a while, but green bean casserole is a little too…traditional…for us. I spoke with my friend, Blake, about […]

Making Truffles

Truffles are really easy to make and a great gift during the holidays. I wanted to give everyone a little something to take home with them after our Thanksgiving dinner, so I figured truffles would be perfect (hopefully you see it as me being like Martha Stewart, NOT Sandra Lee). Truffles are a mixture of […]

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