Aerogarden: Week 16

I dropped in the two last nutrient tablets last night, so this will most likely be my last Aerogarden update (unless something amazing happens and all of my herbs suddenly grow a lot). I haven’t been watching the herbs as closely since I moved it to our new bookshelf (because I can’t reach the Aerogarden […]

Aerogarden: Week 15

We moved the Aerogarden from the kitchen to the living room (David and I acquired a very cool shelf last week and there’s more space on the top shelf of the bookcase than there is in the kitchen). All of the herbs are doing pretty well, but it’s more difficult for me to reach now: […]

Aerogarden: Week 14

I re-fed the Aerogarden with more nutrients so hopefully more basil will sprout up (there wasn’t enough basil to even get a pesto started, so I froze the basil that was ready to be picked and have been waiting patiently for more to grow): The pesky mint is growing again and I’ve been contemplating whether […]

Aerogarden: Week 13

On lucky week 13, a lot of my thyme dried up, my mint decided not to grow back, and my basil was burnt (again): I really like the taste of the basil from the Aerogarden, but it just doesn’t produce enough to make pesto. This week, there is a lot of new growth, and I […]

Aerogarden: Week 12

Three months since I started the Aerogarden. I haven’t had too much luck with the chives, oregano, or mint, but I’ve successfully used the basil and thyme (especially the basil). I actually cut off all of the mint right before this post (I couldn’t stand it anymore). This week’s growth: As you can see, I […]

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