Queen of the Night

I love going out with the women I work out with and we planned a really fun night out over the winter – attending Queen of the Night at the Paramount Hotel. We purchased tickets after reading about the dinner/party/event in the NYTimes article because it sounded like something none of us have ever done […]

The DL

Last week, Ken and I were invited to a new restaurant* that’s opening on the LES, The DL. Ken and I always love trying new restaurants so we headed down there to try it out. The restaurant has an interesting vibe (I’m not sure if it’s officially opened yet because there weren’t many people there) […]

Hotel Griffou

A few weekends ago, David and Laura were working out in their neighborhood and asked me to have dinner with them. I originally suggested Lotus of Siam but they decided we should go to Hotel Griffou instead. I heard their drinks were good but their food wasn’t that great so I was a little hesitant […]


While we were in Chicago visiting friends for the 4th of July, we went to Aviary, Grant Achatz’s new bar by Fulton Market. I was looking forward to it because I originally had reservations to the restaurant next door, Next, but had to cancel because I was busy moving in with Ken the weekend of […]

New York Wine & Food Festival’s Burger Bash

Last Friday, I worked at the Burger Bash for the New York Wine & Food Festival. It was a ton of fun; Maddie and I helped check in VIPs, we ate a ton of burgers, and took lots of pictures! Maddie and I checked in 50 VIPs, took them to meet Spike Mendelsohn, and gave […]

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