Byredo Parfum’s Rose Noir

I just purchased a new perfume that I have been searching for; my usual scents by Bond No. 9 are almost finished (in case you’re wondering, I like to wear The Scent of Peace and Bryant Park and sometimes layer them for an interesting combination). My new fragrance took many trips to Barney’s to discover; […]

Almond Restaurant

On Saturday, Ken and I were looking for a brunch spot near our apartment before running errands and decided to settle on Almond, down the street from us. The restaurant has changed names a few times and I’ve never been to the previous restaurants but decided to give Almond a try since I’ve been there […]

The Friendly Toast

The day after the wedding, Ken and I went for a run around the town and saw a lot of people waiting outside of The Friendly Toastc: We walked inside because it looked like a good contender for brunch and saw the kitschy decorations: And decided to put our names down for brunch. It was […]


My good friend Erika recently came back to New York after a three-month sabbatical. To celebrate, we decided to meet up for dinner at the newly opened Japanese restaurant, Neta. Erika is the one that brought me to Ken’s birthday party almost two years ago, and without her, Ken and I would never have had […]

Surf Seafood

After Kristen’s beautiful ceremony, Christine, Adam, Ken and I had a couple of free hours before heading to the reception. Ken looked up some restaurants and we settled on some seafood at a local restaurant, Surf. We were about to eat a lot of seafood at Kristen and Waising’s wedding but decided to eat a […]

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