Aerogarden: Week 16

I dropped in the two last nutrient tablets last night, so this will most likely be my last Aerogarden update (unless something amazing happens and all of my herbs suddenly grow a lot). I haven’t been watching the herbs as closely since I moved it to our new bookshelf (because I can’t reach the Aerogarden […]

Aerogarden: Week 12

Three months since I started the Aerogarden. I haven’t had too much luck with the chives, oregano, or mint, but I’ve successfully used the basil and thyme (especially the basil). I actually cut off all of the mint right before this post (I couldn’t stand it anymore). This week’s growth: As you can see, I […]

Aerogarden: Week 11

Funny story: last week, I didn’t post an Aerogarden update on Tuesday. I didn’t think anyone would mind, but someone actually twittered and asked about the post! I was REALLY flattered that someone would actually REMEMBER that Tuesday was Aerogarden day! I was thinking about phasing out the Aerogarden updates (especially because I haven’t really […]

Aerogarden: Week 10

Last week, I made a quick and easy naan pizza and even had the opportunity to use some of the basil that has been growing like a weed from the Aerogarden. This week, I haven’t had a chance to really cook at all (especially since it’s so easy to just walk to Whole Foods instead […]

Sodastream Seltzer Maker

I taped my first video review on Sunday and it was quite a lot of fun (although having a demo table that kept falling over was *not* as fun). I did a video review of one of my favorite new kitchen gadgets, the Sodastream seltzer maker. Sodastream sent me a free Genesis, one of the […]

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