Last week, I met up with three friends that I used to work with at all’onda, a Venetian restaurant in the Union Square neighborhood: Stephane, Christine, Kristen and myself haven’t seen each other in a long time because Christine moved to the west coast, Kristen had twins, and Stephane and I switched jobs. Luckily, we […]

Moby’s East Hampton

A few weeks ago, I did a girls weekend in East Hampton with some close friends. It was a really fun weekend and we also managed to eat a lot of good food while we were there. On Saturday night, me, Denise, Anna and Ariel went to Moby’s East Hampton and the food and atmosphere […]


A few of my coworkers and I decided to do dinner one night in the east village at the new hotspot, Noreetuh. The restaurant was opened by a few per se alumni and we were all really excited to try it. My friend, Ryan, is actually friends with one of the co-owners and has dined […]

Aperol Spritz Popsicles

Recently, I went to a rooftop bar in Battery Park (Loopy Doopy) where they served boozy popsicles inside a glass of prosecco. I thought it was a really interesting idea and went home and started googling recipes. I found a great one with Aperol (and Aperol goes really well with prosecco!) so I made a […]

Hello Fresh Recipe and Meal Delivery

Ken and I are always trying to find new ways to keep dinner exciting. We’re both pretty busy at work so grocery shopping is the last thing we want to spend time doing, especially on weeknights. Ken’s coworker mentioned Hello Fresh, and we signed up for a free week of meals. Hello Fresh is similar […]

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