Ken and I love pizza and really love the pizza from Roberta’s. I’ve never been there but Roberta’s is always at Madison Square Eats, which is close to our apartment so we always make our way there when it starts (it just opened last week!). My favorite pie from Roberta’s is the bee sting – […]

Rocky Slims

A relatively new pizza place opened up a few blocks away from my apartment. Rocky Slims has a sit down restaurant and attached in the back is a quick take out option that I visited last week. The owner used to work at Roberta’s (in Brooklyn) so I figured the slices would be pretty good. […]


Growing up in central Illinois, I was introduced to deep dish pizza at Papa Del’s. My mom used to have pizza parties for her students and her students would always request Papa Del’s (Champaign surprisingly has a lot of good pizza spots, including Monical’s, Jupiter’s and Papa Del’s). The pizza from Papa Del’s has the […]


Last weekend, a friend I met in Las Vegas invited me to brunch to thank me for some introductions I made earlier in the week. I was excited to try Marta, Danny Meyer’s brand new restaurant in the Martha Washington Hotel, and suggested we meet there for early morning pizza. The hotel looks like it […]

Flour + Water

Erika, John and I decided to grab some pizza after eating ice cream and people watching (dessert first!) Last time I was in San Francisco, I really wanted to eat at Flour + Water, which is very close to David’s friend’s apartment, but we didn’t end up going there because the wait was too long. […]

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