How to Make a Bloody Mary Bar

We hosted a brunch for some friends a few months back and I wanted to do a DIY bar of some kind. Ken and I threw around some ideas (Build your own yogurt parfait, Mimosa Bar with a bunch of different types of juices, bagel bar with cream cheeses, lox, capers, etc) and we finally […]

Sweetgreen’s Guacamole Greens Salad Recipe

Ken and I love eating salads – there are so many great places for a big salad in the city that it’s difficult not to like them (some of my favorites include Chop’t’s Mexican Caesar with kale and shrimp, Just Salad’s Buffalo Chicken salad, Dos Caminos’ taco salad, and Sweetgreens’ Guacamole Greens salad). If you’ve […]

Early Bird Farmhand’s Choice Granola Recipe

Remember when I wrote about my love for Nounos Creamery yogurt with Early Bird granola and hemp seeds? (If not, you can check out the post here). The granola and yogurt addiction was getting a tad expensive (each Nounos yogurt is $2.50 and Early Bird Granola is $10.99/bag, which I try to make last two […]

Birthday Brunch!

For Ken’s birthday this year, we decided to host a brunch in our apartment. We recently purchased some home items (including a dining table and dining room chairs) and thought it was time to finally have people over to the apartment. Ken and I thought about the menu and weren’t sure what to make so […]

Aperol Spritz Popsicles

Recently, I went to a rooftop bar in Battery Park (Loopy Doopy) where they served boozy popsicles inside a glass of prosecco. I thought it was a really interesting idea and went home and started googling recipes. I found a great one with Aperol (and Aperol goes really well with prosecco!) so I made a […]

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