On Friday morning, I woke up and received a wonderful email from Grace at cakelab asking if I was interested in some extra cupcakes she had. OF COURSE I WAS INTERESTED! She came by my office and dropped off these delicious babies: S’mores and strawberry: And Key lime pie, pumpkin spice, vanilla with vanilla frosting […]

Schnitzel and Things

A while back, Gilt City had a promotion for Schnitzel and Things; they bought out the truck for a day of service and only Gilt City members could buy their schnitzel. For $5, you were able to choose between veal or chicken (and possibly a sausage combo) with sides – potatoes and sauerkraut (a pretty […]

A Voce

A while back, I posted on twitter asking if anyone would like to dine with me at a Michelin-starred restaurant since I was running out of friends to eat with me. Surprisingly, I got a positive responses and I made reservations at a couple of restaurants with people that follow me on twitter or read […]

Chocri Chocolates

I went to an awesome event two weeks ago and Chocri chocolates offered everyone the opportunity to make our own chocolates. I jumped on the chance to make two bars and these showed up in the mail the other day: My first: dark chocolate, roasted almonds, toffee, pretzels, and dried raspberries: The other chocolate bar […]

Oriental Garden

One of my favorite places for dim sum in Chinatown is Oriental Garden, right next to my other favorite place for dim sum, Jing Fong. The wait at Oriental Garden is usually a lot shorter AND the food is always served a lot hotter than Jing Fong. I always have to share tables (standard in […]

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