Strip House

To celebrate getting my first gift card, I made a reservation at the Strip House: To get the $20 gift certificate, I had to eat at a LOT of restaurants (I think I ended up going to some restaurants that didn’t give points, like ad hoc. But it’s okay because I love to eat!) […]

The Redhead

Laura, a friend I met through Sara, talked up The Redhead as her neighborhood joint for stellar cheeseburgers. Since I’m ALWAYS interested in a place that has good cheeseburgers, I organized a group of people to meet there after work for some food before going out for drinks. I didn’t realize our dinner party was […]

Pineapple Jerky

Recently, I’ve been snacking on a lot of fruit. I think it’s because I deprived myself of fruit for an entire month at one point in my life (shocking, I know) and I’ve been making up for it by pigging out with any fruit I can get my hands on. Also, one of my coworkers […]

BOGO Pinkberry!

The weather’s getting warmer, so print out this coupon, find a friend, and head to your local Pinkberry for the BOGO deal: I actually haven’t been to a Pinkberry since the Fro-yolympics, but now I’m definitely going to head in there with this coupon!

Hung from Top Chef!

On Sunday, Sara and I were sitting on a bench in Chinatown, minding our own business, and eating some baked goods from Fei-Da when we ran into… HUNG, the winner from Top Chef season 3!!! I’ve actually seen him in Chinatown before but have never approached him because he’s usually with other people. Hung is […]

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