Happy Birthday to Grace (and Cali Update)

Hi! It’s Justin. I’m a Long Time Watcher, First Time Poster (LTWFTP). Grace’s computer is acting up, so I’m helping her out by posting an update from Cali. Here’s the latest: Happy birthday to ME and my brother (yes we were born on the same day!). I just wanted to make some quick announcements: – […]

Il Mulino Chicago

One great thing about being back in Chicago for work is the chance to see all of my friends that live in the Windy City. On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to meet up with my friend, Jack, who recently graduated from college and is starting his career in banking this July. To celebrate, we […]

Kaze Sushi

Since I landed in Chicago, I’ve been seriously craving sushi. I had sushi with my college roommates the first night I got here (some place in Evanston that was pretty good) and I made reservations for Kaze Sushi for Wednesday night with another friend. We were deciding between two sushi restaurants but people said Kaze […]

Mario’s Italian Lemonade

Four years ago, I spent my summer in Chicago, working for a small paper company as an “interactive marketing associate.” I lived with four other girls (my aunt helped me set up my living situation because I didn’t really know anyone in Chicago) and it was the first time I lived without my family being […]


On Wednesday, John and I went to one of his favorite lunch spots in Chicago – Roti. They’re known for having lots of Mediterranean foods that are healthy and easy on the wallet. John took me there around noon and the line was around the entire restaurant and out the door, but it moved really […]

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