COSTCO NYC’s Opening Day!

Thursday, November 12th, was NYC Costco Day (according to me, David, Ariel, and Kristen). You see, I didn’t grow up with Costco, Sam’s Club, or any super large shopping store; the closest I got to a large superstore was a Meijer and Wal-Mart in Champaign, Illinois. Since I’m not used to buying in bulk, going […]

The Five Toughest Reservations in America

A while back, Grubstreet wrote an article titled, The Five Toughest Reservations in America. I was intrigued by the article and very surprised to learn that I’ve visited some of them! The article has some guidelines before naming the toughest reservations in the US (for instance, no seasonal restaurants and no restaurants that accept walk-ins). […]


Have you ever read anything about Rao’s? You’ve probably seen the pasta sauce next to the regular marinara at Whole Foods or some other grocery store and wondered why it cost $7.99 compared to the $1.99 Whole Foods organic stuff. Well, Rao’s is a restaurant in Harlem (and Las Vegas) and it’s one of the […]