Clary + Sandman Wedding

My favorite photos from the wedding: Jordy, Julie, me and Ken at the reception: The groomsmen changed into their custom Converse sneakers after the ceremony (for the wedding photos!): Jordy and Julie giving the camera some attitude: Ken hanging out on the patio during the cocktail reception: Ken dancing with one of the guests: Drew […]

Grand Traverse Pie Company

On Saturday before the wedding, Ken, Jordy and I wanted to grab some breakfast/brunch. I did a quick google search and the results only had Denny’s but luckily, Kristen gave us a one-sheeter of places to eat and Grand Traverse Pie Company was on the list for breakfast. I looked online and the restaurant looked […]

Clabber Girl Bakeshop Museum and Country Store

On Friday, Kristen and the bridal party and friends went to a nail salon to do our nails, had lunch at Panera (yum…I hadn’t visited in such a long time!) and went to Zumba while the boys played a round of golf. It was my first time doing Zumba and Kristen’s mom planned a special […]

7th and Elm Bar & Grill

We arrived in Indianapolis early Thursday night, picked up our rental car (a surprisingly nice Kia Optima) and headed to Terre Haute for the Thursday night dinner. Ken and the groom, Drew, have been friends since they were kids and have remained really close even though Ken’s in New York and Drew’s in Chicago. Drew […]


After a great lobster and oyster meal at Fish, we headed to Cones down the street for some dessert. Cones makes their own ice cream/gelato (the fat content is around 12% so it’s actually in between ice cream and gelato). We sampled a lot of flavors (some of their specialties include corn, almond cream, and […]

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