Camarena Tequila and Suenos

A couple weeks ago, I was approached by a marketing firm about a new food truck that is going around the United States serving Mexican food inspired by a new tequila, Camarena. I usually don’t bother with emails from marketing firms but they offered me the chance to ride with the chef and the brand […]

Churrascaria Plataforma

A couple weekends ago, our friends Hughie and Hana invited us to dinner at Churrascaria Plataforma. We were both excited and were instructed to only eat a light breakfast. I’ve only been to a churrascaria in Brazil (and that was many years ago) but I love the idea of a meat buffet! When we went […]

New York Kom Tang Kalbi House

The first time I visited New York Kom Tang Kalbi House was also the first time I had kimchi jigae at a restaurant. Angie’s father used to send us tupperware containers of kimchi jigae but I’d never experienced at a restaurant before. I started loving Korean food when Angie’s dad introduced kimchi jigae to me: […]

New Pinkberry Toppings!

Ken and I did a mandatory Pinkberry run over the weekend and saw these new toppings next to the usual fruit and dry toppings: The fishballs are Pinkberry’s newest topping (at least at the K-town location) and originally I thought they were boba balls (like the balls in bubble tea) but they’re actually a jelly-like […]

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

In today’s final post about Blue Hill, our desserts and a tour of the kitchen! After we finished our savory courses, we were given the option to move outdoors to finish our meal. It was around 10pm when we went outside but we accepted the invitation to sit on their patio because it was a […]

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