California Bistro at the Park Hyatt Carlsbad

Ken and I flew from New York to San Diego and ended up arriving around the same time as his sister, Teresa. We all drove to the hotel together and ended up ordering some late night food at the hotel restaurant, California Bistro. We ate a lot on the flight (thanks to my ability to […]

Abe & Arthur’s New York

The Friday before we left for San Diego, we went out to dinner with Jason and Allison, Ken’s coworker and girlfriend. We went to Abe & Arthur’s in the meatpacking district because Allison really liked their dessert and we had a really good Gilt City voucher for steaks and sides so we figured it would […]

Brooklyn Fish Camp

In December, my teammates and I went to Brooklyn for an offsite and to celebrate the intern’s last week with us in New York. I’m not the biggest fan of Brooklyn because something bad always happens to me when I’m there (not Brooklyn’s fault at all, it just so happens that bad things happen to […]

Madison Square Garden: Jean Georges’ Simply Chicken

After a three-week hiatus, I’m finally back to the computer and blogging! I realized I had so many photos to upload and didn’t have time to do any of it until this weekend because I’m stuck at home with the worst cold ever (more on that later!) In December, right before we headed to San […]

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