Westville Chelsea

The last time I posted about Westville Chelsea, it was less than desirable. But, David lives down the street from the restaurant and the last time my mom was in town she liked it a lot, so Ken, David and I gave it another try on a recent Saturday afternoon. David always likes to order […]


A while back, I received an email from Urbanspoon emailed me asking if I wanted to go to dinner at Morimoto with their new general manager. (A free meal at Morimoto? Sign me up!) I met up with the general manager as well as Yvo from Feisty Foodie. Since I’ve been to Morimoto before (see […]

Maison Kayser

I’m always looking for good places for lunch, especially since I live near my office now. I love Maison Kayser for their financiers (especially their raspberry financier, which is so dense and buttery), so I figured their lunch would be really good as well. They have a good deal for lunch, a pre-fixe where you […]

The Clam

Ken and I like to do family dinners at new restaurants; oftentimes, I’ll organize a weekend dinner with David and Laura or my cousin Andrew and Hsiao-Mei at a new restaurant so we can sample a variety of dishes and order lots of food. David and Laura met up with me and Ken at The […]

Pok Pok NY

Way back in April, I was invited to a dinner at Pok Pok NY, hosted by Pepcid and Ted Allen (the host of Chopped on The Food Network). I arrived a tad early and ended up going to the bar across the street, Whiskey Soda Lounge, owned by the Pok Pok NY fam, and ordered […]