Le Relais de Venise

Ken and I occasionally try to meet up with each other for a weekday lunch date. It’s only worked a couple of times, but we always talk about going to Le Relais de Venise for our date. I couldn’t make it up to midtown for lunch but did end up going there for dinner recently. […]

Panera Bread

On our way home from the hamptons, Ken and I wanted to pick up some groceries and cleaning supplies for the apartment. Since we were on Long Island, we also had the opportunity to eat at Panera Bread, one of my favorite fast food restaurants from high school. We don’t have any Paneras in the […]

Hamptons: Day 2

After going to the main part of town for the afternoon, we drove home and got ready for our late night dinner. John was at the grill once again: He prepared a great meal with burgers, hot dogs, sausages, grilled veggies and corn: The other guys also prepared dinner and cleaned up after we ate […]

Rowdy Hall

After grabbing ice cream at Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen, we drove to Rowdy Hall for a quick bite to eat. They were just switching service from lunch to dinner so we had to wait an hour, but it wasn’t too bad since we ended up walking around while we waited for our table to be set […]

Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen

On Sunday of our hamptons trip, it ended up raining for the majority of the day which ruined our plans of laying out and playing in the sun again. Since we had to change plans, we decided to drive to east hampton to grab a quick bite to eat and to walk around the shops. […]

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