Jao Jan Feng

After our fun day around Sun Moon Lake, my uncle picked us up from the hotel for soup dumplings. One of my favorite restaurants in Taiwan is Din Tai Fung. Well, Jao Jan Feng is very similar to Din Tai Fung and some of the chefs from the original restaurant left the location in Taipei […]

Sun Moon Lake

My dad planned a busy itinerary for us while we were in Taiwan, so after our trip to Taroko National Park, we headed on a tour to Sun Moon Lake near Taichung. Since tourism has spiked in Taiwan, multiple travel agencies have started popping up so tourists can easily explore the country. My dad signed […]

Taroko National Park

After our fun day in Hualien, we spent the next day with my dad’s colleague, who lives in Hualien and knows the area very well. She took us to Taroko National Park (and drove the entire way since the roads have lots of twists and turns and I get carsick very easily). The morning was […]

055 Lobster and Seafood Restaurant

My dad found a restaurant that’s very popular in Hualien with mainlanders that visit as well as locals – 055 Lobster and Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant has good reviews and my dad drove us there while we were visiting the Hualien area. It’s a little off the beaten path (although it might not be considering […]

Eight Arch Bridge: Hualien

After going to the Lintian forest, my dad drove us to the coast to see eight arch bridge and to eat seafood. The drive was pretty long (maybe two hours?) and the roads were a little scary to navigate because there were so many twists and turns (and I don’t remember a lot of safety […]

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