USA Network Character Approved Awards

Last night, I was invited to the IAC Building in Chelsea to mingle with some very glamorous people. USA Network invited me to the Character Approved event, which honors innovators in their field and who influence our opinion, our style, and our view of the world. The people that were honored were very impressive – […]

The Museum of Modern Art

A couple weekends ago, David, Laura, and I took Faire and Cantor to the MoMA to see the Tim Burton exhibit. It was sold out for the day but we ended up walking around, taking pictures of the kids, and enjoying an afternoon snack in the MoMA cafeteria. Here are the cutest pictures of the […]

Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner: Steamed Fish

Steaming fish is a quick and easy healthy dish. My mom’s recipe only uses a couple ingredients that are easily found in any grocery store. The scallion and ginger sauce that she adds to the dish can be used with other proteins as well (it’s quite delicious with steamed chicken). This is definitely a dish […]

Lure Fishbar

Two weeks ago, I met up with my freshman year roommate at Lure Fishbar. Jamie moved to New York back in July all the way from Los Angeles, but we haven’t been able to meet up until now because we’ve both been so busy! Luckily, we finally set our schedules for a Monday night dinner […]

Grand Sichuan

Have I ever mentioned that I don’t eat a lot of Chinese food in Manhattan? Maybe it’s because I haven’t found one I really like, or maybe it’s because it’s just really difficult to find good Chinese food in the city. There are little things here and there (for instance, I like to stop by […]

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