Michelin 2016 Stars for New York City

Two weeks ago, Ken and I attended the party to announce the 2016 Michelin Guide for NYC restaurants. We had such a great time last year (the party was at Gustavino’s and I recapped the event here). This year, the party was held at Manhattan Classic Car Club on Hudson, which was very fitting considering […]

Pok Pok NY

Way back in April, I was invited to a dinner at Pok Pok NY, hosted by Pepcid and Ted Allen (the host of Chopped on The Food Network). I arrived a tad early and ended up going to the bar across the street, Whiskey Soda Lounge, owned by the Pok Pok NY fam, and ordered […]

Lotus of Siam

Last Thursday night, Ken and I made plans to go on a double date with his roommate and girlfriend. Joe and EY were on time for our reservation and Ken and I both got caught up in the office and ended up being an hour late (probably the latest I’ve ever been). Luckily, they weren’t […]


Two weeks ago, Dorren invited me to lunch at Oceana. You might remember Dorren from my post wishing him a happy birthday; Dorren and I met at RecycleBank and he took care of me and David by bringing us fruit every day (he took requests, too). Even though we don’t work together anymore, we still […]

Coconut Banana Smoothies

My mom gave me this recipe when she came to visit a couple weeks ago – it’s quite possibly the tastiest smoothie I’ve ever had and it’s really easy to make: My mom made it with pineapple as well, but I think the frozen bananas taste much better because they add just the right amount […]

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