Bellvale Farms and Creamery

After our unsuccessful (but fun) apple picking adventure, we drove to Bellvale Farms to find some pumpkins. The original plan was to find pumpkins at Masker’s as well, but they didn’t have much of a selection so we figured we’d have more luck somewhere else. We drove to Bellvale Farms and didn’t see many pumpkins […]

Masker Orchard – Warwick, New York

On Sunday, I rented a car with my remaining Hertz points and drove upstate to pick pumpkins and apples. We were a little late for apple picking season, but had a lot of fun at the orchard. David and I looked for a good twenty minutes before we found our first apples – there were […]

Top Chef: Taste of the Five Boroughs

Today at lunch, my friend Sabrina and I headed to Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall to attend Top Chef’s Taste of the Five Boroughs. The event was co-sponsored by Bravo and NYC and Company and showcased different restaurants from all the five boroughs. Here are some my favorites from the event: Australian Shrimp with Asian Mixed […]

Deep Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

Did you guys celebrate Yom Kippur two weeks ago? David had a big potluck break-fast on Thursday night and his guests all brought over cream cheese and lox (the first meal after the Yom Kippur fast is usually some bagels with lox and cream cheese). I couldn’t attend the party because I was in Champaign, […]

Getting into Ko

Getting a reservation at Momofuku Ko is like getting on a packed subway during rush hour and trying to get a seat. Everyday, I try to get on one second faster than everyone else but I somehow I end up being the odd man out. On the subway, I end up holding onto a pole […]

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