Thanh Long

Since Ken’s sister, Flo, and her husband, Paul, used to live out in San Francisco, they knew a bunch of good places to eat in the bay area. We ventured to Thanh Long while we were in San Francisco because it used to be a favorite of theirs. Thanh Long has a few sister restaurants […]

LuckyRice Night Market

I couldn’t make it to the night market event tonight, but my brother was able to attend…and he took this picture of David Chang and Jeffrey Steingarten: Did you go to the night market event? Was it fun? David said he drank and ate a lot of good food and that even though it was […]

Num Pang

After Josh and I got back from Montauk, we decided to get some food to eat in Union Square (we were supposed to drop the rental car off by my apartment, but due to Avis’ crappy GPS, we were late and apparently, Avis’ computer systems shut off a minute before the stores close). We eventually […]