Michelin 2016 Stars for New York City

Two weeks ago, Ken and I attended the party to announce the 2016 Michelin Guide for NYC restaurants. We had such a great time last year (the party was at Gustavino’s and I recapped the event here). This year, the party was held at Manhattan Classic Car Club on Hudson, which was very fitting considering […]

Let’s Eat Together at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant!

If you’ve been following my Michelin Monday posts, you can tell that I’m almost done with all of the 2010 Michelin-starred restaurants! I still need dining partners for the following restaurants – please e-mail me (gracenotesnyc at gmail dot com) if you’d like to eat with me…I promise we’ll have a good time! We can […]

Cafe Habana’s Brunch

Last Sunday, my friend Julia and I spent the day together having brunch, shopping, and rock climbing. Julia and I know each other from kindergarten and have kept in touch even though my family left Pittsburgh in middle school. We used to have play dates when we were kids, always competed for the position of […]

Michelin Starred Restaurants

Now that the year is practically over (how did August creep up on me like that?) it’s time to assess the damage on my goal of dining at every Michelin-starred restaurant in New York. Luckily, I’ve been to a bunch of them previous to this year (and I decided I wasn’t going to repeat a […]

Cafe Habana

Soon after I returned from my trip overseas, Ariel, Joe, and I met up for dinner at Cafe Habana. Joe’s friend recommended the place and told him three things: 1. order the mojitos, 2. the corn is delicious, and 3. they don’t take reservations. Joe and Ariel were on time and for some reason I […]

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