Humphry Slocombe

The night before we headed back to New York, I wanted to try some local San Francisco ice cream. When I was organizing a social event a while back, I ordered ice cream sandwiches from It’s It but I actually wanted to order foie gras ice cream sandwiches from Humphry Slocombe. My friend Cliff told […]


Two weekends ago, I made a very quick trip to San Francisco to visit some friends and family. When I arrived in San Francisco, I hopped on the Cal Train, met up with my friend Cliff at the Palo Alto station, and went to Calafia, the restaurant started by the Google Chef. The restaurant is […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today Ken and I are celebrating our third Thanksgiving meal together (our first was our potluck, which I will write about eventually and our second was last weekend in Chicago with my friends Angie, Nat, Tuesday and John). I am so grateful to have a wonderful group of friends and family! We are having a […]

Le Bernardin

For Ken’s birthday, we were lucky enough to have both parents visiting us in New York. We wanted to go somewhere special (it was our parents’ last night in the city) so I was lucky enough to score a reservation from Le Bernardin’s wonderful PR department. We were very excited to see the redesigned space […]