Charlie Bird

Earlier this year, I took a break from blogging because I was going to the same restaurants and didn’t want to blog about them. We were trying some new restaurants but I was disappointed by the places we were visiting. And then I went to Charlie Bird NYC and now I can’t stop thinking about […]

Peter Pan Donut Pastry Shop vs. Moe’s Dough Donut Shop

After reading about the doughnut war in the NYTimes, my coworker decided we needed to try a blind taste test and find out for ourselves which place was better. I’ve had Peter Pan donuts in the past (thank you to Kevin, my coworker from Gilt, for introducing those to us!) but had never tried Moe’s […]


Last Friday night, Laura’s dad was in town and invited all of us out to dinner before he went back to Chicago. We decided to eat at Koi, which was close to his hotel and Laura and Ken’s office. I think we’ve all been for lunch but never for dinner, so I was excited to […]


On a recent Sunday night, we did a family dinner with David and Laura at Good. Earlier in the day, I was getting my hair done and Ken was watching football at home so I had to tell him where to meet us for dinner. Looking up a restaurant named Good is not as easy […]

Blue Ribbon Brasserie

The first time I went to Blue Ribbon Brasserie, I sat next to John Mayer at 2 in the morning and ate bone marrow while listening in on his conversation (unsuccessfully). On this visit, I went for a late night meal and ended up sitting next to no one because the restaurant was empty (maybe […]

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