15 East Restaurant

After seeing Blackbird with my mom and Ken, we headed to 15 East for a late night dinner before heading home for the evening. We made a last minute reservation in the dining room (luckily it was still open when we left the play!) We started with an uni flight – uni from Santa Barbara, […]


Last week, I met up with three friends that I used to work with at all’onda, a Venetian restaurant in the Union Square neighborhood: Stephane, Christine, Kristen and myself haven’t seen each other in a long time because Christine moved to the west coast, Kristen had twins, and Stephane and I switched jobs. Luckily, we […]

Dorado Tacos

Ken and I are always on the hunt for good fish tacos. I prefer them to be lightly battered and fried and Ken just wants them to be delicious. We were in the mood for tacos and close to our house so we decided to check out a new place we’ve never visited before – […]


When David and I used to live on 19th street, there weren’t too many shops and stores on the street. Now, however, there’s a SoulCycle, an international bookstore, Muji, and a Dough Doughnut Shop: The first time I tried Dough was at Brooklyn Flea; the passion fruit with cacao nibs doughnut was sweet and tangy […]

Breads Bakery NYC

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I was strolling around the neighborhood and finally made my way to Breads Bakery, a local bakery known for their chocolate babka and other breads: Breads Bakery serves all types of flour-based treats; croissants, babka, many different loaves of bread, sandwiches, etc: I wasn’t in the market for actual bread […]

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