Breads Bakery NYC

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I was strolling around the neighborhood and finally made my way to Breads Bakery, a local bakery known for their chocolate babka and other breads: Breads Bakery serves all types of flour-based treats; croissants, babka, many different loaves of bread, sandwiches, etc: I wasn’t in the market for actual bread […]

Green Fusion/Village Yogurt

I absolutely LOVE acai bowls and it’s definitely a treat that I will allow myself every once in a while since it’s basically like eating dessert (up to 50 grams of sugar per serving!) I was looking for a new acai bowl location (my usuals are from Juice Generation or homemade with bananas and homemade […]


A few weekends ago, Ken and I had dinner with our friends (and neighbors), Molly and John. Molly and I scheduled a dinner with a chef from Kitchensurfing, which we thought would be fun and a good way to have dinner without hiring a babysitter for their baby. I scheduled the dinner online (easy enough) […]

Redd Wood

Ken and I were celebrating our one-year anniversary at Napa over the 4th of July weekend and we found out my friend from college, Tuesday, was getting married there that weekend, too. Tuesday and her fiance (at the time) were talking to us (at another friend’s wedding) and told us that they were getting married […]


The past two times I visited Napa, I didn’t have a chance to eat at Addendum. They’re only open on the weekends and the line is pretty ridiculous when the weather is nice so I’ve always opted out (and gone wine tasting instead). This time, however, I was smart enough to make a reservation for […]

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