Num Pang

After Josh and I got back from Montauk, we decided to get some food to eat in Union Square (we were supposed to drop the rental car off by my apartment, but due to Avis’ crappy GPS, we were late and apparently, Avis’ computer systems shut off a minute before the stores close). We eventually […]

Macao Trading Company

I always love getting dinner with my friends Joe, Ariel, and Kris; they always let me order, they usually don’t complain, and they eat a lot so we usually have the opportunity to order a variety of dishes. The last time we went out, we headed to Macao Trading Company, a restaurant in Tribeca that […]

Joe Shanghai

I’m surprised I’ve never written about Joe Shanghai considering I go here so often. The first time I went to Joe Shanghai, I had just moved to New York (almost three years ago!) and my cousin, Andrew, happened to be visiting from Korea. He took me to Joe Shanghai with some of his friends because […]

Pinkberry Delivery!

Hey! Did you know that Pinkberry DELIVERS TO YOUR OFFICE/APARTMENT/HOTEL/HOUSE/WHATEVER! I’ve always been against the delivery of frozen yogurt because I HATE MELTED FROZEN YOGURT, but people in my office were trying it the other day so I figured I would get in on the action. I ordered passion fruit (the new AWESOME flavor they […]

Wu Liang Ye

The first time I went to Wu Liang Ye, my aunt from Taiwan took me there. Apparently my other aunt had spoken highly of the Chinese restaurant and since I don’t know that many Chinese restaurants in NYC, I figured it would be fun to try it out. The first Wu Liang Ye visit wasn’t […]

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