Homemade Pizza!

Remember how I went to Co and said that their pizza tasted really homemade and hearty? Well, last night, I created THIS: I recently purchased Michael Ruhlman’s book, Ratio, and have been really excited to try out his recipe for pizza dough (the recipe is also found on his blog) I used half whole wheat […]

BOGO Jamba Juice Until July 12th!

If you’re a Jamba Juice fanatic like me, you’ll LOVE this deal Jamba is doing until July 12th: Now I just have to find someone to get smoothies with me. Anyone?

Free Pinkberry TODAY!

It’s finally Pinkberry Friday! Head over to your local Pinkberry and try their new flavors (I’m definitely getting the tropical swirl): Let me know if you like the new flavor!

Dylan Prime

Let me preface this review by saying that I ate in the bar area, not the main dining room. The bar is currently running a special ($35 for their “tasting,” which is an appetizer, main course, and dessert). I went to Dylan Prime because Chris and I discovered that Il Mattone, one of our favorite […]

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Now that the weather’s getting nicer, the ice cream trucks are coming out of hibernation, although some Mister Softee trucks were still trolling the streets in the dead of winter (by the way, has anyone gotten soft serve from the Big Gay ice cream truck?) One of the trucks I’ve been meaning to check out […]

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