Michelin 2016 Stars for New York City

Two weeks ago, Ken and I attended the party to announce the 2016 Michelin Guide for NYC restaurants. We had such a great time last year (the party was at Gustavino’s and I recapped the event here). This year, the party was held at Manhattan Classic Car Club on Hudson, which was very fitting considering […]

How to Make Organic Avenue’s Probiotic Coconut Yogurt

After becoming so obsessed with Organic Avenue’s probiotic coconut yogurt, I decided I should try making it myself. Organic Avenue isn’t that close to my office or my apartment, so it was becoming increasingly inconvenient to make a trip to Organic Avenue to pick up the probiotic yogurt. I tried looking up some recipes online […]


Last week, Erika was in town from California for work; since we hadn’t seen each other since the wedding, we decided to get together for dinner! Erika keeps tabs on all of the new restaurants in New York (and every where she goes!) so she listed Lafayette as one of the restaurants she wanted to […]


Every once in a while, I’ll find out about a really great restaurant from reading blogs, through word of mouth, or from an email list (like Urbandaddy or

Let’s Eat Together at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant!

If you’ve been following my Michelin Monday posts, you can tell that I’m almost done with all of the 2010 Michelin-starred restaurants! I still need dining partners for the following restaurants – please e-mail me (gracenotesnyc at gmail dot com) if you’d like to eat with me…I promise we’ll have a good time! We can […]

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