FRO-YOLYMPICS DAY 9: Crazy Bananas

Crazy Bananas, our last stop on the frozen yogurt tour, is located in Korea town (between 5th and Madison). On our way to the mom and pop shop, Gloria announced that she could no longer participate in the yogurt tour; after braving the harsh winter winds for the entire day, the tour found out that […]

FRO-YOLYMPICS DAY 8: Berry Wild (smooth and kinda icy)

Berry Wild Smooth and kinda icy: Our second to last stop was Berry Wild, a place that Justin found one day after stumbling out of a bar in the neighborhood. Justin knows the area around Berry Wild very well; Tonic, the bar across the street from Berry Wild, is Justin’s second home. Berry Wild is […]


The remaining two locations (Berry Wild and Crazy Bananas) will be posted NEXT WEEK. I PROMISE. Here’s a puppy to show you how sad I am about postponing the fro-yolympics: Here are some other reviews to look forward to: Shopsins, Egg, Levain Bakery, Chow Bar, Ennju, Union Square Cafe, La Focaccia, and Bouley. Have a […]


After our quick stop in the east village for Very Berry, we hopped on the subway and headed to Flurt, a small shop in midtown east. Flurt is a cute frozen yogurt store with lots of interesting seating (there’s cool wood panelling and fun – but wobbly – chairs). It’s pretty small (only four of […]


After being in the Soho/Greenwich village area for the majority of the afternoon, we took the subway to Astor place to visit Very Berry. I’d never even heard of Very Berry before (and neither had anyone on the tour), but we were excited to try their frozen yogurt (even though I’d read less than stellar […]

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