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Luckily, three yogurt shops were all in the same area so we didn’t have to walk too much (it was SOOO cold!! Whose great idea was it to plan the FRO-YOLYMPICS for December?!). After our disappointing trip to Red Mango, we walked to Yolato, a hybrid of yogurt and gelato. Yolato is gaining populartiy in New York (there are currently 5 locations in the NY/NJ area with plans to open 3 more in 2008). They carry a lot of different items – all kinds of gelatos, crepes, and coffees/teas. I like how their diverse menu, but I’ve never gotten around to trying anything except their frozen yogurt!

Yolato’s bright storefront:

IMG_2000 (Small)

Yolato’s Results:

1. Size of the hole:

The hole was an acceptable size and no one complained of hollowness.

2. Tanginess vs. creaminess: On a scale from 1 to 5 (one being tangy and five being creamy), Yolato scored a 3.5, being slightly more creamy than tangy.

3. Topping Variety:I would’ve taken a picture, but everything was in the back (there are 5 fruit options and 5 cereal/dry options). They used to have cherries on the list of toppings, but they never had them in the store. Their special topping is toffee, but I prefer fruit on my frozen yogurt.

4. Fruit Quality: On a scale of one to five (one being over/under ripe and five being perfectly ripe), Yolato scored a 3.5 – toppings weren’t superb, but they were better than average.

5. Calories per ounce: Yolato had 26 calories/ounce.

6. Price per ounce: Yolato clocked in at 90 cents/ounce.

7. Atmosphere/quality of service: There was no music playing at Yolato and there are only three or four seats in the shop, so it seems like it’s more of a take out place. They deliver, but I’m not sure frozen yogurt/gelato travels well!

8. Iciness vs. Smoothness: On a scale of one to five (one being icy and five being smooth), we rated Yolato a 4; Yolato is more of a gelato-frozen yogurt hybrid and retains a lot of the smoothness from gelato.

9. Number of flavors: there is only ONE flavor at Yolato (plain) but they do offer lots of gelato.

10. Resilience to heat:

Yolato was VERY resilient to heat and didn’t melt at all!

11. Topping Quantity/Presentation:

IMG_2005 (Small)

Even though there were only 5 blackberries (like Red Mango), we all felt like we were eating more (probably because our bowl had so much frozen yogurt we overlooked our stingy portion of blackberries).

Final Results:

Ariel and Gloria were NOT impressed with Yolato’s frozen yogurt, however, the rest of us thought it was pretty good. Gloria though it tasted like expensive soap, but I’m don’t think anyone else felt the same. The spoon size was unacceptable (they were gelato spoons) and it was SO difficult to grab fruit with the small spoons. Overall, Yolato scored a 2.75/5.0, which was a little unexpected (I’ve never thought Yolato was SUPERB, but 2.75 is disappointingly low). We’ll be taking a break for the weekend, but will return on Monday to head to 40 Carrots!

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Reader Comments

Your “Tanginess vs. creaminess” is off base in my opinion. The two are not meant to be compared.

Tanginess should be compared to sweetness; creaminess to iceyness.

You can’t compare a taste to a texture!

Also, I have tasted all the yogurt joints as well, and if the point of this comparison is to report on who has the best product I think you are not reporting based on taste and were influenced by a bad experience.

Red Mango is without a doubt the best tasting REAL frozen yogurt.

Written By bob on February 4th, 2008 @ 10:55 am

edit to add:

I have never been to Oko. I have only been to Manhattan yogurt stores …

Written By bob on February 4th, 2008 @ 10:58 am

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