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40 Carrots, on the second floor of the Soho Bloomingdales, is a great treat after a long day of shopping in Soho. I live closer to the 59th Street Bloomingdales, so I end up going to that one more often (although, they moved from the basement so now it’s inconvenient to get to it!). Nevertheless, the Soho location was more convenient for our tour and we ended up going there after Yolato.

40 Carrots Results
1. Size of the hole:

There was absolutely NO HOLE in our frozen yogurt! That’s why I LOVE 40 carrots.

2. Tanginess vs. creaminess: On a scale from 1 to 5 (one being tangy and five being creamy), 40 Carrots a creamy 5.

3. Topping Variety: One thing I don’t like about 40 Carrots is their lack of toppings – they have things like wheat germ, but unless you go to the sit down restaurant, you won’t get any fruit (and if you get their fruit, they give you melon…wtf?!)

4. Topping quality:No fruit to rate!

5. Calories per ounce: 40 Carrots had approximately 25 calories/ounce.

6. Price per ounce: 40 Carrots was 41 cents/ounce (approximately).

7. Atmosphere/quality of service: One downside of 40 Carrots is that there is absolutely NO seating in the Soho location. No, actually, there are a couple of seats, but it’s difficult to navigate because there isn’t too much space between tables.

8. Iciness vs. Smoothness: On a scale of one to five (one being icy and five being smooth), we rated 40 Carrots a 5 – VERY smooth.

9. Number of flavors: there are a bunch of flavors at 40 Carrots (the 59th street location) but at the Soho location, there’s usually plain and dutch chocolate. I’ve had lemon, blueberry, coffee, strawberry, and peach at the 59th street location (yeah, I’m a big fan!).

10. Resilience to heat:

Okay, not so good. There was a bunch of melting, but I think it’s because no one had ordered the chocolate in a while and so when we asked for a sample, we got the melted mix that wasn’t completely frozen to begin with.

11. Presentation:

IMG_2011 (Small)

I think frozen yogurt is so beautiful, don’t you? I love how they stuff the cup to the brim…a large is enough for a group of EIGHT!

Final results:

We were all fans of the creamy, milky goodness. We thought it tasted a little bit like cream cheese and I thought it tasted more like Tasti-D than a plain yogurt frozen yogurt, but I love the stuff so much. Overall, 40 carrots received a 3.75/5.0. Sorry for the gap in postings; I flew to Chicago and accidentally left my notes at home (how restaurantgirl of me!). We’ll have two more posts (Very Berry and Flurt) and I’ll finish the posts over the weekend. I’ll post Berry Wild and Crazy Bananas next Monday and Tuesday with final results next Wednesday. Thanks for your patience!

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